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Once upon a time, in the adventurous year of 1989, my family embarked on an extraordinary journey from the vast expanse of the USSR to the land of dreams, America! Amidst all the excitement and anticipation, there exists a treasured memory that has never faded away. It was during a brief layover in Austria, where we found ourselves residing in a cozy little apartment, sharing the space with a lovely family. And there, in that enchanting abode, lived a girl named Lela, who happened to be just my age.

Growing up without toys, that layover became a turning point when Lela introduced me to the ultimate wonder of that time: a magnificent Barbie doll adorned in stylish clothes and an envy-inducing collection of shoes. From that moment, my love for fashion ignited, and I knew my destiny was to become a Fashion Designer. The SS2019 season marked the launch of my dreams, as I envisioned creating personalized garments that were a fusion of vintage elegance, punk metal rebellion, and the immersive world of video games. With Lela’s Barbie doll as my inspiration, my story took flight, weaving a colorful tapestry of creativity and imagination in the realm of fashion.